Fragrance 101: Favourite Perfumes

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Again, sincere apologies for not writing a post in a while. I have been going through a few changes in my life, including leaving a job to begin studying again, so its definitely been New Year, New Me! I am so excited to see what 2017 holds though, if this is the beginning.

Today I have decided to write about my favourite perfumes. I love perfume, I love how a scent can you remind you of so much, and bring back many memories, just by the scent. I love when I’m going out, getting ready and spraying my favourite perfume, it just makes me feel like the outfit is complete.  It is hard to describe a scent sometimes, and they do smell different on everyones skin, however I will try my best, and give a few suggestions if you’re looking for a new fragrance to try.

I have tried a lot of high end fragrances, and cheaper ones and I have favourites from each spectrum.


First up is the beautiful Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I remember the first time I smelled this, I fell in love! It is the perfect balance of fresh with heavier undertones which makes it perfect for day or night. On the Selfridges website it is described as ‘Sensational floral scents. Centred around the freesia, Centifolia rose, osmanthus and Sambac jasmine, and supported by a background of patchouli’. I normally wear this at night time, as it is a little heavier than what I would wear during the day. The packaging of this perfume is so pretty as well. I have the 50ml, which fits perfectly into handbags/clutch bags etc, so it is perfect for taking out as well.





Next up, is a higher end fragrance – Black Saffron by Byredo. I am obsessed with this brand. It does some of the most beautiful and unique fragrances I have ever smelled. I also have the Mojave Ghost which is so so fresh, and sophisticated. However, my favourite is the Black Saffron. Smokey, woody and pretty heavy, it is the ultimate date night perfume. It smells so sexy. Its lasting power is fantastic for night out. I am always asked what I am wearing when I have this on, it is so different. I love this brand, and will definitely try some more from this range. Also the packaging is so simple, and unique, just like the fragrance. It looks great sitting on a dressing table.





A cheaper perfume is Italian Fig by The Body Shop. I love The Body Shop fragrances for every day use or holidays etc, when I don’t want to carry anything too expensive with me. There are lots more in the range, but this is my particular fragrance (although it went on sale recently – hopefully this means it wont be disappearing!). The Body Shop describes this scent as ‘fresh, green eau de toilette blends the succulent scent of Italian summer fig with a feminine touch of Tuscan rose and envelopping amber.’

Another one to check out is the Fijian Water Lotus, which is so fresh and the perfect summer fragrance.





Finally, another higher end fragrance, is Scent of a Dream by Charlotte Tilbury. My lovely brother bought me this for my Christmas – I must talk about Charlotte Tilbury too much, if he picked up on the brand name! Of course when it is described as the ‘scent of attraction’ of course I had to try this! The Charlotte Tilbury website has a lot of information about the background of this fragrance, how it was developed, the packaging, the ingredients etc if you want to check it out to find out more about it. This is definitely a fragrance I’m keeping for special occasions. Again, the packaging is so classic and beautiful looking. It looks great on the dressing table.




Also, I have been having problems with lighting etc for taking photos, as it is winter here, it is dark so early, and its not giving me much time to photograph night light pictures that I want to take! Hoping as spring creeps up the lighting will be better! So please excuse them just now! xx


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