Skincare 101: Pixi

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I love trying new skincare products, and I had been seeing Pixi products all over the place for a while now especially the ‘Glow Tonic’. I couldn’t wait to try a few products from this range, so when I was in Marks and Spencer I noticed that they stocked Pixi, and of course couldn’t resit. Firstly I love packaging, its so attractive and definitely stands out with the colours.

The first product is of course the Glow Tonic, which literally glows in the bottle as well! This is described as an ‘exfoliating toner, with 5% Glycolic Acid, Also Vera and Ginseng’. I am always wary of hype products, which then don’t live up to it, but this does. From the first use I knew I would love this. It refreshes my face, removes dead skin cells, leaving it feeling softer and more even (due to the exfoliating part).  It definitely made my skin look instantly brighter, and fresh, leaving a great base for applying makeup. I use this morning and evening, by soaking a cotton pad and just wiping all over my face and neck area.

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Next up is the Glow Mud Cleanser. This is a very gentle cleansing mud, which helps to clean and clear skin. The description says it ‘detoxifies pores and deep cleans by drawing out impurities while providing essential nutrients to the skin’. I have to agree with the description, it is a very gentle cleanser, and actually feels like its not up to much, until you wash it off and realise how soft your skin is left feeling! Also, a little goes a really long way, which is great. It says this could be used morning and night, but I’ve only been using it in the evening in a bath or shower. Just a quick 30 second massage into my face, and it is nice and clean. I have really noticed a difference in my skin after a few uses of this product. I have used a lot of cleansers before, but this is like the ‘Glow Tonic’ as in it doesn’t seem different from other products, but the results are fantastic.


The final skincare product from Pixi is the beautiful Rose Oil Blend. As I’m writing the name, I can smell it! It is like fresh roses, in oil form. You can either mix a few drops with your moisturiser, or on its own. If I’m using this in the morning I mix with my moisturiser to add some glow to my face, but in the evening I just apply this straight onto my skin, after using the cleanser and toner mentioned above. Apart from the smell (which is amazing, unless you don’t like roses!) I wake up with plump, fresh and glowing skin. I normally don’t like an oil, as I find some can break out my skin (I have an oily t-zone, but some dry areas as well), but so far so good. No break outs, not greasy and sinks in beautifully.

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Overall, I have been so impressed with the Pixi skincare products that I’ve tried. I keep looking to see what I want to try next from either the skincare or makeup products. Will keep you updated on what I do.


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