Skincare 101: Vichy

Does the perfect moisturiser really exist?! Well, for me, I think I’ve found mine. Especially for summer. It is lightweight, but highly moisturising, leaves my skin glowing, not greasy and as a bonus, smells amazing!

I’m talking about the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Crème Légère. I am so glad I picked this up! It has been great for over summer, and creates a great base for applying makeup. IMG_7471

At this time of year, normally my face is overly greasy looking due to the amount of moisturiser I have to apply to keep it hydrated, or I break out because of the amount I have to use (loose loose situ). None of the above has happened when using this gem!

Also, the packaging! So simple, yet luxurious feeling. It also has a small mirror on top of the lid, which is great! (Well I think its just for the look, but I use it as a mirror!)

The price range for this isn’t low budget, but for the quality of the product, it is also not too high – it falls in the middle, but feels really high quality.

I am so glad I have found this product – it really is perfect for summer!

The 101 x



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