Skincare 101: Current Favourites

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I have been trying to update my current skincare routine, by adding in some new products. I can sometimes get stuck in a rut with my skincare, and eventually, it does need a change up. Unfortunately we haven’t had a great summer here in Scotland, and it has been quite cold and rainy. Not ideal for the golden bronzed skin I thought I would have! Also, because of the weather, my skin has been looking and feeling really tired and dull. So I chose these products in the hope of changing that! So here we go!

Botanics Radiant Youth Refining Microdermabrasion Polish

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I love a good facial exfoliator, I think its so important for a great base, and to refresh and brighten the skin. I am so glad I picked up this one from the Boots Botanics range. It is a microdermabrasion scrub, the grains are very fine, but so effective. This doesn’t scratch your skin, but you can definitely tell that it is working! After using this, my skin looked so healthy and glowing, and was super soft.

Botanics 100% Organic Refreshing Toning Spritz

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I always underestimate how great a toning spray can be, and I often don’t use one, but when I do…..the difference is amazing! This one in particular has been great at making my skin look and feel hydrated and refreshed. The rosewater makes this smell so good also. It has been perfect for using before applying makeup, to create a healthy looking base. I’m glad I have found this, and added it into my daily routine.

Simple Hydrating Booster

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So as I mentioned at the beginning, the weather in Scotland has been really bad this summer, and this has taken a toll on my skin. It was looking and feeling dull and slightly dry, so when I saw Simple had realised a hydrating booster, I knew I needed this! You can use this in 3 ways – alone as a primer all over the face before mouturising, mix it into your moisturiser or use it in isolated areas that need a lot of hydration. I use this as a primer and then follow with my moisturiser. I could tell just looking at my skin, that this had really hydrated my face. It gave it the boost it needed.

Sephora Micellar Cleansing Milk – Rose

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I love Sephora! And I am hoping a store opens in the UK asap, but until then I have to just stock up when I am in the USA. When I was there I picked up this fantastic micellar cleansing milk. Micellar water has been everywhere recently, and for good reason, as they are mostly amazing! I loved the sound of this one though being a micellar milk instead of water. This range also smells amazing! It is beautiful. It thoroughly cleanses my face, and leaves it soft and supple. I love this whole rose range and can’t wait to get more!


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