Makeup 101: Charlotte Tilbury

Do you ever just have a down day, feeling meh, and can’t really be bothered to put on makeup, but you have a night out? Well I have these a lot!! And I think I’ve found my quick fix! The most perfect red lip. When I wear a red lip, I don’t even have to wear that much makeup, just a CC or BB cream, a wee bit of concealer, mascara and a swipe of the red, and I look put together! Like its taken me hours to get ready, not just 10 minutes!

So Marilyn from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range by Charlotte Tilbury, is the most moisturising, and buildable red lipstick I have found! I used to be cabin crew, and part of the uniform was to wear red lips, so trust me, I have tried them all! But this one felt different. It is the perfect shade, not too bright and in your face, but not too dark like a burgundy red, it falls perfectly in the middle.



On first sight, the packaging is just beautiful, and so expensive looking. The gold is so glam! Then the actual lipstick, with its perfect shade, applies like a dream. Doesn’t dry your lips out, or go on to harsh – you can judge how you want the colour by building it up.

I also have the lipliner to go with this lipstick, which I really think enhances the lip. It allows you to shape your mouth, and create a base layer for the lipstick to hold onto, and makes it last a lot longer (although I feel with this lipstick alone it would last a very long time).

Another great thing about this lipstick, is it actually removes relatively easy, without any staining on the lips, which is a problem with some. You end up having red lips for days, although you have washed and scrubbed them!

So this is my thoughts on this fantastic red! It really pulls a look together, and helps give me an extra hour to laze around before getting ready!!


The 101 x


Charlotte Tilbury (The Bombshell look)


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